“Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats” – Voltaire


Aral Bereux is a content creator, author, editor and visual storyteller.

Aral, when not writing and publishing, is a multi-disciplinary digital creator who works with clients from all walks of life

“The fact that her characters remain so fallibly believable in such a dark, dystopian world shows the wit and precision of the writing. Highly recommended.”

BOOK I & II as they were intended to be …

This is the collector’s edition of the JRae Books. As their captors close in, so too does the One World Order. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of their Seer for the Great Reset Project, the Militia Commander intends on delivering Julianna at any cost necessary. How far will Caden go to protect his new apprentice? Chronicle One and Two entwined as they were originally intended to be.

“The fact that her characters remain so fallibly believable in such a dark, dystopian world shows the wit and precision of the writing. Highly recommended.”

The Watcher Series, Book I.
When Julianna Rae escapes with Caden Madison from a reprogramming camp, she believes she is free of her violent past. But Madison’s status as a Master Watcher prevents her identity escaping their chance meeting. The World Order eagerly awaits the awakening of her abilities, and with that lies a danger Madison prefers to avoid. Aided by the men of her past, Julianna discovers that some answers sought are riddled with destruction. Will they grant her the truth . . . before it’s too late?

I didn’t get much sleep while reading this one — just too hard to put down. Give it a try if you want a book-induced, adrenaline rush.

The Watcher Series, Book II.
Julianna has barely survived her first battle with the Militia. Now she must follow her new mentor Master Watcher Caden Madison deeper into a world she desperately doesn’t want. In the throes of war, hidden in the caves of Devil’s Canyon, Caden Madison must find a way to return his defeated Rebel camp and his new apprentice Seer to the city sectors, where they can regroup against the Militia. However, their captors are closing in. The World Order eagerly awaits their Seer and the Militia’s commander intends to deliver her at any cost necessary. How far will Caden Madison go to protect his apprentice?

“The author has built a great world with really edgy characters. As soon as I finished I immediately bought the next one – I’m hooked!”

The Watcher Series, Book III.
The Militia’s One World Order threatens to succeed. Its forbidden weapon is reaching potential; the Rebellion teeters on the edge of ruin. Rebellion leader Master Watcher Caden Madison and his apprentice Julianna Rae have their next mission. On the eve of an assassination attempt, a revelation with huge consequences leads to an illicit ritual ordered between student and teacher. Julianna’s evolving nightmare heightens when the Militia launch a wave of bloodthirsty assaults to capture Caden. It all hangs in the balance as the bloody war for freedom rages. From the rat-infested sectors to the open countryside, there is only one Master Watcher who can help Julianna . . . But only if her death is no longer his desire.

“This author has fast become my favourite, as her realistic approach to hurts, fears and hopes really draws you in.”

The Watcher Series, Book IV.

In an ever growing world of chaos and uncertainty, Julianna Rae and her Master Watcher, Caden Madison, embark on an unprecedented battle for freedom. As new allegiances form and traditions are cast away, a hope of survival hangs in the balance as the Reset Project gathers momentum.

Walk again with your favorite characters, and meet some unlikely alliances as J Rae, Caden, Bas and Danny go into a do-or-die battle with the World Order’s Militia.


Aral Bereux is the only Australian author short listed for the New York Lulu Award

He was the go-to-guy. The go-to for passports, licenses, or if you wanted to do it all yourself, a birth certificate of a dead infant; always guaranteed to be of your vintage, give or take a few years.

Rated with 5 stars.

The Je Suis Charlie mantra we became familiar with, that bemoaned those lost to free speech—a declaration of allegiance to humanity for the twelve gunned down and the eleven others injured, never to be forgotten—had finally fallen silent.

A personal essay on the social changes Paris has experienced since 2015.

Rated with 5 stars.

The Concept Art for J Rae.

“For the first time in a long time, I have actually gone back to the start and read it again. Aral really brings you into her world and doesn’t do all the thinking for you.” – RowanCat11

“You’re on the edge of your seat from the very beginning so hang on tight.” – K Moss

“It kept me awake all night. A night worth spent within the ruins of the New World Order, the fast-paced brutal action-packed storyline, the abilities of characters and J-Rae.” – Zhoniu

“If you are looking for gritty new urban fantasy, The Uninvited is well worth a look. I’m looking forward to Chronicle 2!” – J. Abildso

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How did writing find me . . .

I remember the first time I picked up a Stephen King novel. From the first pages of Salem’s Lot, the horror genre grasped me in her claws, refusing to let me go. Little did I know the comfort it would bring over years of teenage angst and sometimes the uncertainties of the adult world.

From an early age, I proclaimed I was to become an author. I remember adamantly stating it in front of my English class several times. Why I never followed the initial dream, I’ll never be certain, other than to attribute it to mediocrity and the whole “life just gets in the way” excuse.

But it was an excuse. I never stopped writing page after page, night after night. I never stopped dreaming up characters, situations, and tangled plots. The J Rae Chronicles are the product of those intense nights of hiding in my head, wondering about real life and the challenges we face. As a child growing into a teenager, I acutely understood the intricacies of human nature – and more so today.

​Coupled with my love for the horror genre, and never having a word to describe the genre I wrote in (until I stumbled across Orwell), my words began to form into a dystopian world that sometimes terrified me. No matter how hard I try, even today, I always return to a dysfunctional society, a family or a single human teetering on the brink of disaster, struggling to claw back at life. It’s not apocalyptic – it’s dystopian – the before and after picture of the big meltdown that is always avoidable.

From the genre writing – the fiction – I naturally progressed towards the essay, then the article, and slowly to journalism – the career I announced in the meet and greet of the first week in high school.

It’s funny how life goes full circle. The time between wanting to be a journalist to now, is 29 years. I worked in typically dystopian environments that reflected the fragility of freedom – I became a prison officer mostly, serving as the youngest female in the state with only 53 kg of me to support it. It was in a maximum-security men’s prison – the worst of the worst, for 12 years. Following this, I jumped into emergency service work where car accidents and personal disasters unfolded before me. Never did I think this was fate preparing me for my writing career.

​To be a dystopian writer, or any writer for that matter, you need to understand what you write about. If you care at all for the message, you are conveying – which is usually a heartfelt warning or pleading – you have to understand the intricacies of humanity. You need to know what makes us tick. And you need to be honest.

​Journalism was a natural progression. Everything in my life has happened for a reason. The life links we all experience are rarely a coincidence. So, why do I write?…

Writing is a part of me. I never had a choice. No true writer, young or old, ever has a choice.

​The lyrics of Which Way Home by Fanning are all too true…