The Julianna Rae World


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I’ve always had Julianna Rae in my shadow.

Ever since I can remember, J Rae has been there to take me away from the harshness of reality and into her world of survival. I have never doubted her strength for a second, and I suppose the wonderful world of the imagination has saved me in some ways. Throughout the years, I have embarked on the writing journey into J Rae’s world that is the city sectors. I have endeavored to document a world that has haunted me since childhood, into a series of books. It has been a cathartic exercise. I am J Rae, and she is me, and while some experiences are real, others are incredibly fantastical. I have cried with her, laughed with her, and have followed her still unfolding journey . . . 

I have now included an interactive guide to the J Rae Chronicles. The book trailers give you some insight into this crazy world. Beneath these short clips are the first of many additions to this new world, including feeds from the books, diaries of the characters, comms bulletins, and more.  

Welcome to my world; where watchers lurk and walkers roam, and the norms are a minority in an avoidable society that is the New World Order. It isn’t so far-fetched from our own real lives.

Now I have a question for you . . . can you survive this New World, too?



Also known as ‘J Rae,’ Julianna Elizbeth Rae is the daughter of Peter Rae (a member of the High Order) and Elizbeth Cathan. As a courier for the Guild, she often handles sensitive information. She also recruits for the Rebellion during her dancing stints at Club Star. Julianna escaped the Family, making her home in the East Coven where the Guild taught her some ability. Eventually, she discovered Isis and the safe house where she then joined the Rebellion. 


​Located in Sector Six of the city sectors, Club Star is a place of meeting and illicit entertainment. The well-known Rebel location, run by Boss-man, seeks new recruits and intelligence from informants. Julianna Rae also performs here, featured in an exclusive show as a solo exotic performer. As the main contact in the club for those seeking Rebel help, Julianna acts as a courier for intelligence between sectors.


Caden Madison, a French-Romanian also known as Cain Seth Marat in French and Eastern European ancient circles, is a full-blood Watcher. Appointed to the High Order, Caden took an oath to guide and train Seers.  Caden was a founding member of the Old Council and served as their longest Head between 1995 and 2024 before establishing a New Council intending to regain the moral compass he believed was lost in the establishment of the One World Order. Eventually, the Old Council suspected Caden of sedition, leading to his arrest in 2024. Caden’s reputation as Cain Marat is one of notoriety in Europe as someone who gives vengeance and punishment quickly and harshly. He is the younger brother to Bastiaan Madison (Seban Marat in ancient circles) and cousin to Tarisos Madison. He was Master Watcher to Daniel Rae—his last student before his appointment to oversee Daniel’s sister Julianna Rae’s seer training.


Bastiaan Madison (ancient name, Seban Marat) is the older brother of Caden, (Cain Marat). He held High Priest tenure to The Family when Julianna Rae was a child, instructing her in religion and philosophy until she was seven. Bastiaan then took a senior position with the Militia to establish the HSD. He’s also the older cousin to  Tarisos Madison .


Also known as Taris, the Militia Commander’s duties are to find the Seer and oversee the reprogramming agenda and camps. Tarisos is notorious for his cruelty to women, the lower classes, and his lack of patience for anyone he dislikes. Tarisos is Caden and Bastiaan Madison’s cousin and is one of the few members of the Senate who carries veto power, making him a very dangerous man.


​Central Command headquarters is centrally located within Sector One. It comprises three levels: the basement, for all intelligence servers; level one, for processing; and level two houses the officer’s quarters, which Taris lists as his primary place of residence. Central Command also boasts a large underground detainment and interrogation facility and is rumored to be a place inescapable.  


Daniel Rae, Julianna Rae’s older brother, is also Caden Madison’s last student; leaving his training during a period of insurgency against his father to join the Militia. After becoming disillusioned with the One World Order agenda, Daniel established his own army based out of the Gatehouse. These men and women form a coalition with the Rebels. Daniel is well known for his reckless gun-ho nature—and though he and Isis don’t always get along, they swear they’re on the same side of the war.


Located in Sector Four, the Gatehouse is a meeting point for Rebels who have broken away from the traditional way of fighting to join Daniel Rae’s army. The Gatehouse is owned by Haldon Cathan, Elizbeth Cathan’s father.


The Rebellion’s coordinator and contact for all. Isis maintains his anonymity by appearing on screen only with his eyes surrounded by a black border. He leads the Rebellion, relaying gathered intelligence to relevant parties, financing and coordinating attacks, and arranges recruiting. His objective is to re-establish freedom for the masses and overthrow the military-economic coup. Only a select few know where he is based and who he really is. 


​The Communiqué plate provides secure communications between linked-in camps. The database—a controlled version of the defunct ‘free’ internet—stores and retrieves intelligence via passwords. Although accessible by most government agencies, it’s a reliable alternative for delivering secure information, undermining the strict government control they were originally designed for. Its appearance is that of a thin plate of glass until activated and is renowned for difficult to repair screens breaking easily from the slightest bump.  


​The Civic Credit System was first implemented by authoritarian governments in parts of Asia. The technology initially encompassed GPS technology built into handheld devices such as phones or smart watches, and systematically analyzed all information researched on the internet by the user. Eventually the system logged locations, mapping the individual from home to work, to parks, towns and shopping centers, recorded conversations, stored email and message metadata to determine if a person was a threat. A points system was awarded to the citizen, which dictated the level of education and health they were permitted, or where they could travel and work. By the end of the roll out, GPS locations can feed a person’s information to officials within seconds, and even screen their image on billboards to alert the public when they are nearby. What started off as a marketing strategy to tailor advertising to the individual, the Civic Credit System can now flag a person deemed “risky” for arrest.


​A shrewd businessman and tech expert, Peter Rae is Julianna Rae’s missing father. A Watcher and AHO senior, Peter Rae is a rumored key member of the Rebellion, holding massive sway over decisive factors within the war. However, some consider his existence mythical. Not sighted since the initial wave of government control, Peter Rae’s rumored disappearance occurred when millions went missing from the government-controlled business sectors—a move he had vehemently opposed.  


​Sarah Deveaux, the younger sister of Katherine Deveaux, claims Normal status. Affectionately nicknamed Devo by the Madison brothers for her outbursts of inappropriate expression, Devo was a passionate member of the Rebellion until she lost her life in a fire. After death, Devo would endure encounters with the living. Julianna continually experiences Devo’s blue spirit, forever being warned of impending troubles and danger.

Image by Sergey Katyshkin